Welcome to Scrip

Thank you for your interest in Scrip, the easiest way to support St. John School fundraising and part of your Fair Share commitment. The program offers gift cards for your everyday purchasing — when a physical or virtual gift card is purchased, you receive the full value and the school receives a donation from the vendor.

To place a virtual order for an immediate electronic gift card, we recommend downloading the RaiseRight application onto your smartphone. You can also visit the Great Lakes Scrip website for similar access to hundreds of participating vendors should you prefer physical gift cards — these will ship directly to you!

The Scrip program also offers physical gift cards for a handful of local vendors not currently enrolled in the virtual platform, including, Fred Meyer, Diva Espresso, Ken’s Market, and Brown Bear Car Wash. Scrip orders received by Friday are delivered the following Friday morning to the Parish Office. Should you prefer your order to be mailed, please provide pre-paid Your scrip team will email you a confirmation of your order.

If you have questions, please contact your Scrip team at stjohnscrip@st-johnschool.org. We will look forward to supporting your order request.