Welcome to Scrip

Thank you for your interest in Scrip – the easiest way to support St. John School fundraising and part of your Fair Share commitment. See the menu at left to view available cards alphabetically or by category, and to link to the order form.

Scrip orders received by Wednesdays are delivered Friday mornings of the same week. Your scrip team will email you a confirmation of your order.

Our most requested scrip cards are listed individually on the order form. To order cards not prepopulated on the order form scroll to “Additional cards I am ordering” and enter the vendor name, denomination, and quantity of the cards you want (ex: $25 American Eagle x 3; $25 Red Robin x 1, etc.). Enter the total amount for the “extra” cards into the blank payment box (in the example given, it would be $100). Your scrip team will order the cards for you and include your order on the next delivery date.

If you have any questions, please contact your Scrip team at stjohnscrip@st-johnschool.org.